Matty Soccio is a social media, content and digital strategist, currently applying his skills at AGL Energy as the organisation’s Social Presence Strategist.

Having worked in publishing, marketing and communications since 2004, Matty has built his expert knowledge of social media/digital strategy through managing successful digital projects at Lonely Planet, Niche Media and through his own business, AVM Consulting. The clients of these projects include well-known national and global brands such as Skype, VISA and Virgin Atlantic.

Matty is passionate about the opportunities that the digital landscape presents for developing and expanding online communities and storytelling.

He is the founder of BeeryMate, a user-generated-review community celebrating beer. The mobile application is available on Google Play Store for Android (also see BeeryMate.com).

Matty_SoccioMatty is immersed in the social media/communications/marketing/digital strategy worlds and contributes content across multiple platforms. Aside from the tech/new media wank, he’s also into beer, books and sports.

So why is this blog called Songs From a Stringer? Many media commentators have derided online content as unprofessional and unreliable. Matty takes exception to that notion, and to back up his argument, he established this blog: songs from a stringer intent on creating quality digital content that’s relevant, professional and of value.

Here’s a dictionary definition for ‘stringer’:


Noun: A person who endeavours to write about factual events for a living.

You can contact Matty by email on mattysoccio at gmail.com or connect with him through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Read the blogs, leave comments and create discourse.

A note: The views expressed in this blog do not reflect on, nor are necessarily shared by, Matty’s employers. And play nice.



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