Going gorilla… uh… guerrilla… ok, a bad pun

Some thoughts on my ‘guerrilla marketing’ article for Startupsmart.com.au that allows SMEs to consider the phrase carpe diem in their own existence. Without freaking out. What the hell is ‘guerrilla marketing’ anyway? As I found out recently, it’s basically what’s expected by any company or brand, big or small, in the current face-paced, multi-media environment … Continue reading Going gorilla… uh… guerrilla… ok, a bad pun

Return of the Mummy

Melbourne Museum responds to ‘Mystery of the Pharoah’s Marketing Campaign’. After a week of waiting, Melbourne Museum (well, not them specifically but their exhibitions agent AEI) posted a response to my blog post with a number of compelling reasons defending its use of the boy king’s death mask image in its marketing material. Let’s recap … Continue reading Return of the Mummy