Digital Disruption Research and Luna Tractors

An exploration into the world of digital content in the publishing and media environment provides an unlikely union with mad scientists working on harvesting the moon.

Ok, so that intro is a little deceiving, but thanks to the guys at Luna Tractor my impending Master’s research is on a roll.

Who is Luna Tractor? A former colleague of mine, deputy director of digital at Lonely Planet, Nigel Dalton, has combined his multiple streams of industry knowledge (on top of being an economist, publishing/media strategist and tech superman, he’s also a business-management genius) with the engineering might of a man called James Pierce to “bring to the table diverse ways of solving problems – mixing science and humanities to ask what, how and why“.

What is the research? Take a look at this blog posting on the Luna Tractor website for a sneak peek. In short? Deconstruction of the Dalton-Pierce Digital Disruption Quotient in relation to the evolution of digital content in electronic publishing environments. A mouthful eh?

Let me know your thoughts: will the idea of the existence of publishing-company ‘controlled’ digital content that has an economic value still be a viable business model in 10 years time? Is there a dark side of the publishing/media moon? If there is, does that mean there’s a solution (or ‘light’ side) hidden from view?

Am I poking into an area that is so concerning to the traditional publishing and media industries that I’ll have to start checking under my car for bombs (as a friend has suggested)?

Hopefully, yes.

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