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Packing for the drive north

JULY 2012 – Most people will say they hate packing. I like it. The reason is that I get a chance to use my logical brain; to problem solve and put together a jigsaw puzzle. Also, I get out of cleaning the house. Which sucks. Believe it or not, there is a system – how … Continue reading

A fairly big trip…

JULY 2012 – Well it’s been grand. We’ve enjoyed it here but we’re ready for a bigger adventure. It’s not you Melbourne; it’s us. My lovely wife and I are heading away on a journey that will take us through the central deserts of Australia, various parts of the ‘troppo’ Top End, and eventually the … Continue reading

Value online content, not gibberish

I love the internet. Schlocky I know. But what I love most about the internet is the free exchange of ideas and information that no other platform is able to provide. Yes, obvious to say, but it’s a game-changer, for all industries and all professions. My own interest in how the content we read (books, … Continue reading

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