A fairly big trip…

JULY 2012 – Well it’s been grand.

We’ve enjoyed it here but we’re ready for a bigger adventure.

It’s not you Melbourne; it’s us.

My lovely wife and I are heading away on a journey that will take us through the central deserts of Australia, various parts of the ‘troppo’ Top End, and eventually the big cities of the USA, the beaches of the Caribbean and well-worn paths through Western Europe, with a possible stop in South East Asia on the way back.

And, yes, throughout our time away I’ll be blogging.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “Oh great, another wannabe Mark Twain/Bill Bryson douche who thinks he’s god’s gift to travel writing”.

Well, frankly, screw you.

It may turn out that I find something you didn’t on your last trip to New York City or Valencia or Alice Springs. And maybe I’ll have a good story or two for you to laugh at.

So for the next two weeks we’ll be prepping for our drive to Darwin. Then we’re off into the desert in our silver chariot: a 2005 Holden Commodore – affectionately know as ‘Marky Mark’ – factually know as the world’s greatest touring car.

Will post the day we leave and then as much as possible after that.

Let the good times roll.


2 thoughts on “A fairly big trip…

  1. Ali

    Safe travels, man!

  2. David

    Happy road tripping!

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