Packing for the drive north

JULY 2012 – Most people will say they hate packing. I like it.

The reason is that I get a chance to use my logical brain; to problem solve and put together a jigsaw puzzle. Also, I get out of cleaning the house. Which sucks.

Believe it or not, there is a system – how I put stuff in follows a precise mathematical formula based around the depth of the boot of the car (‘trunk’ for my American friends), the amount of gear and the time to put get it in the car. The system goes: if it won’t fit, it goes to goodwill. See? Easy.

Before you start jamming all of your best vinyl to listen to while crossing the Nullarbor, think logically – will it melt? Can a cigarette lighter power a turntable? Will your fellow travellers not want to hear your ‘super awesome’ Kenny Rogers/Mimi Done duet record? The loss of treasured items through involuntary-immolation or through your grisly death by ‘Kenny-up-the-clacker’ is not a great outcome for a roadtrip.

Here are a couple of rules that may help to enjoy a smoother journey:

  • Don’t pack pets: They don’t travel well, especially in the boot.
  • If in doubt spares of… everything: Plastic bags, extra ‘hoses’ and food. I’m a paranoid traveller; I live by the saying “You never know”.
  • Take snacks and water: Don’t pay ridiculous prices for Pringles on the road – buy before you go.
  • Take your own grog too: Same as above but more expensive as soon as you’re 100km from a major centre (must be a Federal law).
  • Prepare your playlist: No-one likes boring roadtrip music. ALWAYS include Young MC’s ‘Bust a move’ or either of the first two Pearl Jam albums.

Next stop – Manangatang… yes, that’s a real place.


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