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Triple M – Melbourne to Menangatang to Meningie

JULY 2012 – Leaving on a long road trip is actually harder than it sounds – and it’s already hard to begin with. If you think you’re leaving at 10 in the morning, it usually means you’ll actually be on the road by sometime around lunchtime. It means last minute yelling, frantically stuffing objects into … Continue reading

Murky possibilities: Dropbox partners with Facebook

This blog was written for my employer @Captovate. I find it fascinating that as cloud computing grows in normality in the digital world, more questions arise from how it is administered. The ‘partnership’ between one social Goliath and a growing influence, isn’t black and white – there are distinct grey shades there too. Cloud computing … Continue reading

1 billion people with internet-enabled mobiles: are you ready NT?

This is blog I wrote recently for my employer @Captovate. I wrote it with a Top End audience (Australia’s Northern Territory) in mind, but really it’s applicable anywhere. Where will our mobile future lead? Loving the mystery right now. I love my Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s sleek, fast, useful and fun. Like many smartphones, it … Continue reading

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