Social Media fragmentation and small business: an article for StartupSmart recently posted an article I wrote on the dangers of fragmenting your social media presence.

I’m hoping that I get some feedback from small businesses on how they feel about their social media presence and whether or not they have committed themselves to multiple platforms.

Just in case it has been misinterpreted in the article, I’m not saying that small businesses are wasting their time on multiple platforms – far from it. If you’re able to balance the time commitment necessary to get a true measure of success from those platforms then wonderful.

My article is aimed at alleviating the stress that many SMEs feel when looking at the level of involvement needed in their marketing mix.

Social media shouldn’t be something to stress about – it should be an exiting opportunity for improvement: growing consumer relationships, creating niche communities, allowing feedback to upgrade products or create new ones, or generally be a communications tool that can create more leads for your business.

Not all platforms or networks will suit your business; this is what’s at the heart of the article. Think closely about what outcomes you want from your social media engagement and how much time you can commit.

With these questions answered you’re bound to find a tool that will match your needs in the social media world.

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