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Facebook’s updated Page Promotions function: why you SHOULDN’T take advantage of it

Another day, another new Facebook update. But don’t despair! Today Pages have been given a gift – the ability to post promotions without the need for a third-party application. In other words, your Facebook Page Promotions can be administered directly by you. More control AND access to Facebook users that have liked your Page. But … Continue reading

San Diego, USA

April, 2013 – Steeped in Mexican influence, with a taste of the Californian lifestyle people crave, San Diego is categorised in my memory under food. We stayed in Little Italy, which hosted a farmer’s market. Old Town is busy but everything we ate tasted amazing. The city is quiet and public transport clean and efficient. … Continue reading

Los Angeles, USA

April, 2013 – You hear so much about this city – the grit and the glamour. There is plenty of both, especially if you locate yourself in West Hollywood. I had Tom Waits’ ‘Diamonds on my Windshield’ in my mind as I walked around. I took the quintessential ‘Tour of the Stars’ with a Canadian … Continue reading

Can Bebo, or any social network, make a comeback?

If anyone remembers Bebo, it was one of the first popular social networks to come out of the mid-naughties. But when Bebo was sold to AOL by its founders, Michael and Xochi Birch, in 2008, it was assumed by many (including myself) we’d seen the last of it. This wasn’t because it had a bad platform … Continue reading

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