Los Angeles, USA

April, 2013 – You hear so much about this city – the grit and the glamour.

There is plenty of both, especially if you locate yourself in West Hollywood. I had Tom Waits’ ‘Diamonds on my Windshield’ in my mind as I walked around.

I took the quintessential ‘Tour of the Stars’ with a Canadian driver who looked like a porn director. Man’s Chinese theatre and Hollywood Boulevard, crowded with tourists, religious groups and hustlers. A hidden highlight is the Original Farmer’s Market. There are your usual fancy retail stores, but the older market features great food and some hidden gems. For a drink, head to Largos at the Coronet – I caught Colin Hay on my visit.

Los Angeles – the great American dream, distorted by reality. Visit at least once in your life.
Hollywood - the grit and the glamour.

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