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Pay for your device, connection AND content? Fairfax’s online paid content model is ‘trust vs money’

The ABC’s 7.30 Report screened a fascinating report on the viability of one Australia’s largest newspaper companies changing the size of its print edition from broadsheet to tabloid. Alongside the change in the paper’s size is the impending addition of a ‘paid online content’ model to its digital edition. While there have been thousands of … Continue reading

Coober Pedy: Outback and opals

Recently I was invited to post a blog for MyDestination.com in the UK on the Australia outback town of Coober Pedy. Let me know what you think – have you been to Coober Pedy? Did you hear gunshots at night? Did you get claustrophobic in the underground houses? Let me know.

Kind feedback is rubbish – constructive criticism is key

I thought about starting this post with a fancy quote from someone famous. You know the ones: invariably sage advice from (mainly) dead poets, philosophers and generally smart people. But sometimes you don’t need to search for a quote; you need to think of one yourself. And that’s where this one came from: ‘Your ideas … Continue reading

Social Media fragmentation and small business: an article for StartupSmart

StartupSmart.com.au recently posted an article I wrote on the dangers of fragmenting your social media presence. I’m hoping that I get some feedback from small businesses on how they feel about their social media presence and whether or not they have committed themselves to multiple platforms. Just in case it has been misinterpreted in the … Continue reading

Barossa Valley, I’m still drinking of you…

JULY 2012 – I’d never ventured into South Australia before now – strange considering how close it is to Victoria. In fact it was the last Australian state or territory for me to visit. Many would say there’s a reason for that: there is NO reason to go. But to those naysayers I ask: have … Continue reading

Keeping something for yourself – where Review4U can fit into social web

A new year, a new obsession. Since I blogged about the concept of Review4U last year (ok, so I’ve ‘digitised’ the title), I have been amazed at the response I’ve received from people eager to know more about how it worked. Honestly, I’m still trying to puzzle it out myself. It seems that while social … Continue reading

‘Review For You’: Anti-social networking or personal memory record

There are many platforms that have quickly become a free memory bank for the online community, in many cases thwarting the original purpose of many platforms. How often do you see people posting content or images on social networks that would probably be better kept out of the public eye? Alongside their primary function as … Continue reading

Why Australian tourism bureaus need to do better social media

“Tasmania needs to up spending on tourism marketing @monamuseum @tourismTAS @TripAdvisor @lonelyplanet http://ow.ly/fpW8m” This tweet by @AusLeisure was retweeted by @ATECtoday, the Australian Tourism Export Council – “the peak industry body representing the $26 billion inbound tourism industry Australia” (as quoted from their Twitter bio). @AusLeisure’s news release quoted a critique by Tasmania’s Tourism Industry Council … Continue reading

How to pick a LinkedIn ‘spam profile’

Et tu LinkedIn? For those of us who spend much of their day connected to the net, spam is part and parcel of the Information Age. We expect it on so many platforms that when we find a network where spam is seemingly limited, it jars you to find that network has finally succumbed. LinkedIn, … Continue reading

Too many Profiles: From web tools to jumping the profile bandwagon

Feel like there are too many online offerings asking you to set up a ‘profile’? Aside from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Skype, Apple (the list goes on) profiles, it seems there is an increasing number of web tools/services wanting to jump on the social profile train. The reason: To improve the user experience for … Continue reading

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