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San Diego, USA

April, 2013 – Steeped in Mexican influence, with a taste of the Californian lifestyle people crave, San Diego is categorised in my memory under food. We stayed in Little Italy, which hosted a farmer’s market. Old Town is busy but everything we ate tasted amazing. The city is quiet and public transport clean and efficient. … Continue reading

Los Angeles, USA

April, 2013 – You hear so much about this city – the grit and the glamour. There is plenty of both, especially if you locate yourself in West Hollywood. I had Tom Waits’ ‘Diamonds on my Windshield’ in my mind as I walked around. I took the quintessential ‘Tour of the Stars’ with a Canadian … Continue reading

Coober Pedy: Outback and opals

Recently I was invited to post a blog for MyDestination.com in the UK on the Australia outback town of Coober Pedy. Let me know what you think – have you been to Coober Pedy? Did you hear gunshots at night? Did you get claustrophobic in the underground houses? Let me know.

Barossa Valley, I’m still drinking of you…

JULY 2012 – I’d never ventured into South Australia before now – strange considering how close it is to Victoria. In fact it was the last Australian state or territory for me to visit. Many would say there’s a reason for that: there is NO reason to go. But to those naysayers I ask: have … Continue reading

Triple M – Melbourne to Menangatang to Meningie

JULY 2012 – Leaving on a long road trip is actually harder than it sounds – and it’s already hard to begin with. If you think you’re leaving at 10 in the morning, it usually means you’ll actually be on the road by sometime around lunchtime. It means last minute yelling, frantically stuffing objects into … Continue reading

Packing for the drive north

JULY 2012 – Most people will say they hate packing. I like it. The reason is that I get a chance to use my logical brain; to problem solve and put together a jigsaw puzzle. Also, I get out of cleaning the house. Which sucks. Believe it or not, there is a system – how … Continue reading

A fairly big trip…

JULY 2012 – Well it’s been grand. We’ve enjoyed it here but we’re ready for a bigger adventure. It’s not you Melbourne; it’s us. My lovely wife and I are heading away on a journey that will take us through the central deserts of Australia, various parts of the ‘troppo’ Top End, and eventually the … Continue reading

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