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Coke’s ‘Wearable Movie’ is fun, but misses the mark

I like fun. Anything that makes me smile heads quickly to the top of my day’s highlight reel. Especially if it is a gift. When I woke up this morning to a new comic from The Oatmeal about jogging and how a sugary drink can be compared to the souls of ten thousand baby pandas, … Continue reading

Kind feedback is rubbish – constructive criticism is key

I thought about starting this post with a fancy quote from someone famous. You know the ones: invariably sage advice from (mainly) dead poets, philosophers and generally smart people. But sometimes you don’t need to search for a quote; you need to think of one yourself. And that’s where this one came from: ‘Your ideas … Continue reading

1 billion people with internet-enabled mobiles: are you ready NT?

This is blog I wrote recently for my employer @Captovate. I wrote it with a Top End audience (Australia’s Northern Territory) in mind, but really it’s applicable anywhere. Where will our mobile future lead? Loving the mystery right now. I love my Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s sleek, fast, useful and fun. Like many smartphones, it … Continue reading

Supermarket ‘War’ Targets Kids… But The Small Guys Aim High

While Coles and Woolworths continue their battle for the hearts of Australian supermarket shoppers, including some questionable ‘in-school’ marketing tactics, some smaller players are finding their feet. One of the major news items on Monday the 5th of September was the revelation that the supermarket arm of Coles Myer had engaged in some unusual and … Continue reading

Going gorilla… uh… guerrilla… ok, a bad pun

Some thoughts on my ‘guerrilla marketing’ article for Startupsmart.com.au that allows SMEs to consider the phrase carpe diem in their own existence. Without freaking out. What the hell is ‘guerrilla marketing’ anyway? As I found out recently, it’s basically what’s expected by any company or brand, big or small, in the current face-paced, multi-media environment … Continue reading

Return of the Mummy

Melbourne Museum responds to ‘Mystery of the Pharoah’s Marketing Campaign’. After a week of waiting, Melbourne Museum (well, not them specifically but their exhibitions agent AEI) posted a response to my blog post with a number of compelling reasons defending its use of the boy king’s death mask image in its marketing material. Let’s recap … Continue reading

Mystery of the Pharaoh’s Marketing Campaign

Transparency still hard to dig up according to those punters who visited the Melbourne Museum’s Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition. For Mother’s Day, I took mum to the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. If you’re a Melbournian (or a TV watcher anywhere in Australia) you would … Continue reading

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