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Why Australian tourism bureaus need to do better social media

“Tasmania needs to up spending on tourism marketing @monamuseum @tourismTAS @TripAdvisor @lonelyplanet http://ow.ly/fpW8m” This tweet by @AusLeisure was retweeted by @ATECtoday, the Australian Tourism Export Council – “the peak industry body representing the $26 billion inbound tourism industry Australia” (as quoted from their Twitter bio). @AusLeisure’s news release quoted a critique by Tasmania’s Tourism Industry Council … Continue reading

How to pick a LinkedIn ‘spam profile’

Et tu LinkedIn? For those of us who spend much of their day connected to the net, spam is part and parcel of the Information Age. We expect it on so many platforms that when we find a network where spam is seemingly limited, it jars you to find that network has finally succumbed. LinkedIn, … Continue reading

Too many Profiles: From web tools to jumping the profile bandwagon

Feel like there are too many online offerings asking you to set up a ‘profile’? Aside from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Skype, Apple (the list goes on) profiles, it seems there is an increasing number of web tools/services wanting to jump on the social profile train. The reason: To improve the user experience for … Continue reading

Learning from your ‘sandwich post’: How experience builds understanding of online content value

When Facebook became popular in Australia, I admit to being frivolous with my posts. I was a novice when it came to understanding what was happening in the online world, to the potential value of ‘online content’. I admit to posting about a sandwich I was eating. More specifically: (Name) is full after a fairly … Continue reading

Murky possibilities: Dropbox partners with Facebook

This blog was written for my employer @Captovate. I find it fascinating that as cloud computing grows in normality in the digital world, more questions arise from how it is administered. The ‘partnership’ between one social Goliath and a growing influence, isn’t black and white – there are distinct grey shades there too. Cloud computing … Continue reading

Beware: Buying ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ doesn’t work if you are boring

This is a blog I recently wrote for my new employer @captovate I wrote it in response to this article that appeared in The Age by Ben Grubb about Matthew Carpenter from getwithsocial.com. I have no issue with Carpenter – he’s entitled to create this service if there’s a market for it. However, I think … Continue reading

Value online content, not gibberish

I love the internet. Schlocky I know. But what I love most about the internet is the free exchange of ideas and information that no other platform is able to provide. Yes, obvious to say, but it’s a game-changer, for all industries and all professions. My own interest in how the content we read (books, … Continue reading

Claims bookmark industry threatened by digital are false, says industry spokesperson

Despite consistent assertions that it’s in decline, bookmark industry stalwarts insist digital will not hurt its well-established traditional business strategies. I’ve always hated dog-earring books. It’s one of those pet hates that sits up there with people who don’t use indicators when turning and Justin Bieber fans. This has meant that I’ve often turned to … Continue reading

Content strategy: Reading behind the ‘death of the printed book’ proposition

Since the late ’90s, the ‘death of the printed book’ scenario has been front and centre of traditional publishing industry fears. So what has changed now that it’s 2011? ‘Digital’ is still a dirty word for ‘lifers’ in traditional publishing. This isn’t specifically because it spells the death of publishing. Despite many of the ‘publishing … Continue reading

Digital Disruption Research and Luna Tractors

An exploration into the world of digital content in the publishing and media environment provides an unlikely union with mad scientists working on harvesting the moon. Ok, so that intro is a little deceiving, but thanks to the guys at Luna Tractor my impending Master’s research is on a roll. Who is Luna Tractor? A … Continue reading

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