Our Services

AVM Consulting specialises in digital communications, digital marketing and content services.

Our services include:

  • Form full communications strategies, covering media response, communications risk mitigation, marketing, branding, print, web and social media
  • Comprehensive digital channel advice and evaluation
  • Executive and CEO social media and digital communications services
  • Develop and deliver communications, media or marketing plans
  • Manage and further develop website content and content strategy objectives
  • Set up social media accounts that fit in with your brand objectives (cater specific networks to your business) through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • Develop, design and produce communications that accurately explain your company’s purpose and point of difference from competitor organisations
  • Develop, prepare and implement enewsletter and/or hard copy newsletter content
  • Prepare editorials and advertisements as required for local and national media

Contact us so we can help to cater for your requirements.

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