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Your UGC… for ‘a chance to win’?

This blog post was originally posted through my LinkedIn profile, in an effort to understand how commercial entities place value on user-generated content. The allure of becoming a travel writer, food reviewer or entertainment critic has been the Jewel of the Nile for many. I spent seven years working for free, niche and super niche … Continue reading

SHOCK! Wrigley gets social content sharing right

Last week I submitted that Coke had gotten social content sharing wrong with its ‘Wearable Movie’. I stand by that, especially the more I hear people’s lacklustre reaction to it. Less than a week later, Wrigley product Extra is front and centre for this campaign: ‘The Proposal’, or, help a consumer propose to his girlfriend. The … Continue reading

Pay for your device, connection AND content? Fairfax’s online paid content model is ‘trust vs money’

The ABC’s 7.30 Report screened a fascinating report on the viability of one Australia’s largest newspaper companies changing the size of its print edition from broadsheet to tabloid. Alongside the change in the paper’s size is the impending addition of a ‘paid online content’ model to its digital edition. While there have been thousands of … Continue reading

‘Review For You’: Anti-social networking or personal memory record

There are many platforms that have quickly become a free memory bank for the online community, in many cases thwarting the original purpose of many platforms. How often do you see people posting content or images on social networks that would probably be better kept out of the public eye? Alongside their primary function as … Continue reading

Learning from your ‘sandwich post’: How experience builds understanding of online content value

When Facebook became popular in Australia, I admit to being frivolous with my posts. I was a novice when it came to understanding what was happening in the online world, to the potential value of ‘online content’. I admit to posting about a sandwich I was eating. More specifically: (Name) is full after a fairly … Continue reading

Beware: Buying ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ doesn’t work if you are boring

This is a blog I recently wrote for my new employer @captovate I wrote it in response to this article that appeared in The Age by Ben Grubb about Matthew Carpenter from getwithsocial.com. I have no issue with Carpenter – he’s entitled to create this service if there’s a market for it. However, I think … Continue reading

Value online content, not gibberish

I love the internet. Schlocky I know. But what I love most about the internet is the free exchange of ideas and information that no other platform is able to provide. Yes, obvious to say, but it’s a game-changer, for all industries and all professions. My own interest in how the content we read (books, … Continue reading

Content strategy: Reading behind the ‘death of the printed book’ proposition

Since the late ’90s, the ‘death of the printed book’ scenario has been front and centre of traditional publishing industry fears. So what has changed now that it’s 2011? ‘Digital’ is still a dirty word for ‘lifers’ in traditional publishing. This isn’t specifically because it spells the death of publishing. Despite many of the ‘publishing … Continue reading

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